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Are You Ready To Handle One of The Biggest Changes to Payroll in New Zealand's History?
As of the 1st of April 2019, employers across New Zealand are now required, by law, to change the way you report payroll information to the IRD.

If you’re a business owner paying $50,000 and over in PAYE & Employer Superannuation Contribution Tax (ESCT), you are now required to submit employment information every payday, instead of every month.

If you’re still using manual payroll systems, the IRD requires that you begin filing information either through myIR or an online payroll software such as SmartPayroll.
Avoid the Stress, 
Automate Your IRD Payday Reporting with SmartPayroll Today!
Why Use SmartPayroll?
As mentioned earlier, from the 1st of April, the IRD requires business owners across NZ to report payday information using either an online software, like SmartPayroll, or the myIR website. 

The catch is, if you choose to report your information through myIR, you’ll have to do this manually - every payday! 

That means manually uploading information such as employee details, start and finish dates, KiwiSaver information, total pay and more… every pay day! 

The beauty of SmartPayroll is…
Your payday reporting will be taken care of automatically, meaning you won’t have to do anything if you're using SmartPayroll
Once your account is setup, your payday reporting is automatically passed on to the IRD enabling you to stay compliant with payday changes, without the headache. 

Furthermore, your SmartPayroll account gives you access to our support team, the Payroll ‘Angels’, who are there to guide you and provide expert advice, for FREE, whenever you need help.
Is Your Current Payroll Provider Ready to Handle These Changes?
If you currently have a payroll provider, you need to find out whether or not their systems are ready to handle the IRD payday changes. 

While these changes don’t officially come into effect until the 1st of April 2019, it is important you act now to avoid any potential headaches should you need to switch at the last minute.
There’s no better time to make a change
What is SmartPayroll?
SmartPayroll is the easy-to-use complete online payroll system for business owners in New Zealand. 

SmartPayroll’s software makes it easy to pay employees & contractors, file your reports with the IRD, while removing the hassle of keeping up to date with NZ’s ever-changing payroll laws. 

Let SmartPayroll take the hassle out of managing your payroll, so you can get back to focusing on what you do best!
There’s a Reason Why 25,000+ Kiwis Trust SmartPayroll
With Their Business
Simple, Fast Online Payments
Payroll without the headache. Pay your employees and contractors online, quickly and easily, while enjoying seamless integration with leading accounting software XERO. 

Stay Fully Compliant With NZ Payroll Laws
SmartPayroll allows you to stay fully compliant with payroll laws in NZ. We update our systems and software regularly with the latest changes in employment law, so you can feel at ease knowing you’re fully protected against the headache of potential fines, non-compliancy and ‘grey area’ pitfalls. 

Exceptional Customer Service
Friendly support from our hand-picked Payroll ‘Angels’ means you can always rely on expert advice from Kiwi staff who generally care about your business. Support from our ‘Angels’ is FREE and always just a phone call away. 

SmartPayroll Will Set It Up And Train You
We’ll get you setup with the system right away and provide you with complete training. Helping you understand each key feature, so you can be an expert in using SmartPayroll from day one. 

NZ’s First Payroll Apps For Employers & Employees
Access and manage your payroll anywhere, anytime, directly from your smartphone with SmartPayroll’s employer app. And with their own mobile app, employees can easily submit timesheets and view payroll information too. 

One Touch Payments
With one click of a button – all your calculations are made, all employees are paid, all PAYE & KiwiSaver is paid, and all your reports are filed with the IRD – it’s simple, fast and you don’t need to worry about doing anything else. 

Cloud-Based, Rock-Solid Security
Enjoy ultimate peace of mind as you safely and confidently access your business’ payroll data at any time from any device, while knowing your data backups are being safely hosted by Datacom 
(NZ’s largest IT company). 

Tailored To Your Industry
From hospitality to agriculture, from retail to manufacturing, we understand the different needs of every industry we work with. We’ll help you set up and customise your SmartPayroll account, focusing on the most important features for YOUR business. 

Resources, Guides & Events
Receive FREE invitations to our exclusive and inspiring events throughout the year, featuring top guest speakers. Plus, you’ll have access to our valuable library of downloadable guides designed to help you with every aspect of your business.
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"Would definitely recommend SmartPayroll to anyone. Very easy to use, and I have always loved that the PAYE is sorted - automatic deductions are great and payments made to IRD on my behalf take out a big monthly hassle."
Karen, The Dog Garden
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